Monday, August 17, 2015

A very serious mural for a very Serious Pizza

We had a great opportunity to create a mural to one very iconic Deep Ellum pizzeria - "Serious Pizza" -, the biggest pizza in town 'literally' you can order  18" 24" or 30" size pizza! no joke people need SUVs to transport their pizzas back home lolz and not to forget they're absolutely delicious!.
serious pizza hatziel painting art mural artist
Serious' staff are the fucking coolest people in the face of the earth! those ladies and Gents rock, I had an absolute blast working on this mural. Mad props to Mike for running such a great establishment and being a cool dude all around a true rockstar.

For my mural concept I wanted a very serious subject and applying it to pizza being the key to the mural, I decided to places the pizza front and center, well I think we all did making it almost a religious experience lols, well at least that's how I is fucking good! anyways here is my original concept for this project.
serious pizza hatziel painting art mural artist
but it did feel a little unbalance well a bit heavy in one side so with a more balance concept it was submitted for approval.
serious pizza hatziel painting art mural artist
  Once approved it was right to work, the wall is 8' x 16' making it a big challenge of awesomeness, Josh really helped by teaming on the buffing of the wall making my life a lot easier, due to texture of the wall being so harsh  it was very difficult to work with, but once buffed create all my sketch with spraypaint making super easy to work, with the sketch finally on the wall is right to adding all the basic colors first, blending second, fading, shadows, lights, blah blah etc. but I decided to just go for it finishing section by section to avoid going up and down the ladder more then need.

serious pizza hatziel painting art mural artist
serious pizza hatziel painting art mural artist
At the end I was very happy with this mural and can't wait for people to enjoy it for many many years to come while eating a delicious giant pizza with a cold beer.
serious pizza hatziel painting art mural artist

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sticky Notes Part1

For the fractal logic show I wanted people to be a part of my art by writing their feelings in sticky notes and I finally got around to capturing them all, Here is part 1 of 3.
Here are some of my favorite ones from the first set.

Monday, May 11, 2015