Saturday, January 28, 2012

The best way to start something

                  My name is Hatziel and this will be my way to show more of a personal level into my world and life, I will be updating the blog every Friday and another time during the week showcasing progress on my art and other items (now, I'm in no way a writer or a photographer ) but I will do my best to make the blog as good as possible. Another new thing that I wanted to start working on is to make art that's affordable and available to everyone ( this happen after having a conversation with a good friend about my work and prices, at this moment I realized that I couldn't even afford some of my own work, lolz yeah! so I needed to make something that I would love to have and I could afford. ) so I will start adding small pieces, limited prints hand signed/numbered and other item. And this would be the best way to start something!
"The Monster that I Became
50 Limited Prints / 12x15 / Hand signed and numbered
The file for this print has been deleted to make it 100% limited

The amount for online sales are sold out a small amount will be available in a future show -thanks
  • *100 9x12 prints will also be available in local Galleries in Dallas, places TBA.
  • 25 prints (9x12) are now available at Kettle Art in Deep Ellum.