Friday, May 16, 2014

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GODZILLA This should had been the song of that fo walking out in the end

Queen of Certitude

I have been working on a grayscale series for quite some time now and as much as I loved the way color collide with monotones and really brought a different light to my work I really needed a break from it, I really needed to come back to flesh tones they just give such a beautiful look to a pieces, what better way to get back into the feel of things then with a kickass skateboard! YEAH! This is a commission brought to me by a wonderful art connoisseur who's been following my work and decided to have an original one of a kind piece in her home, I'm very happy to be a part of her art collection. For this piece I did the next chapter of the continuing Skatedeck Series (The rest can be found here ), a collaboration of some really cool items that she wanted to see in the piece that and keeping the same style from that series here is the outcome, and my process for this piece hope you will enjoy.

Acrylic on Skatedeck 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Genograffic 3

Tunnelvisions Preview

TunnelVisions, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas, USA. © Sean Fitzgerald Photography, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Deep Ellum Community Association is proud to announce the "TunnelVisions 2014" mural unveiling, awards presentation, and live auction on May 17, 6pm - 10pm, at 2625 Main Street in Deep Ellum, TX.

Throughout the weekend of the Deep Ellum Arts Festival in April 2014, mural artists from across the city were assigned 4-hour time slots to paint 4' x 8' panels, to be attached to a 12' wide, 8' tall, 32' deep, pop-up, walk-through TUNNEL, invoking the old Good Latimer TunnelVisions project.

See the artists in action in this video:

The celebration will include the fully assembled TUNNEL unveiling at 6pm, with judging from 6pm - 8pm. An awards ceremony and a live auction of all pieces will immediately follow.

50% of auction proceeds goes into future Deep Ellum murals, and 50% goes to the ARTIST!

Prizes to be awarded include: 1st place $1500; 2nd place $750; 3rd place $250; and aPeople’s Choice Award (which includes a free night at the Omni Hotel).

This exciting project also serves as the launch of the upcoming MADE (Mural Art Deep Ellum) Iinitiative sponsored the the Deep Ellum Community Association, with major announcements coming soon.

WHAT: "TUNNELVISIONS 2014" Mural Unveiling/Awards Presentation/Live Auction

WHERE: 2625 Main Street, Deep Ellum, TX

WHEN: May 17: 6-10pm. Judging: 6-8pm. Awards Presentation and Live Auction: 8pm

PRICE: $10.00 suggested donation,
To really do this project right, we need to raise money for bigger / better murals in the future...
(All artists plus 1 guest free)